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Central Ohio Chapter Membership

Central Ohio Chapter Membership

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The Central Ohio Chapter of NANN became an official Chapter in January 2018! The Chapter is located in Columbus, Ohio. Our purpose is to:

  1. Promote the highest standards of neonatal nursing administration, advocacy, clinical practice, education, quality improvement, and research;
  2. Maintain an organization that will assist the neonatal nurse in optimizing professional development and lifelong learning, intra/interprofessional collaboration, fiduciary responsibility, and the general welfare of infants, parent(s), and families; and,
  3. Provide an organization that promotes the general welfare of neonatal nurses.

The goals of the chapter are:

  1. Provide communication networks among, and facilitate an exchange of information between, nurses in the neonatal field;
  2. Maintain for its members a forum for continuing education and professional development;
  3. Participate in legislative and advocacy activities that will promote and improve neonatal nursing and health care for the infant and family;
  4. Promote equitable compensation commensurate with the education, training, and responsibilities of the neonatal nurse; and,
  5. Work toward standardization and accreditation of programs that prepare nurses to work in advanced practice neonatal nursing roles.

Please consider joining our chapter as we embark on this new journey!

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Central Ohio Chapter Membership
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