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Zika Virus: Update on a New Teratogen

Zika Virus: Update on a New Teratogen

Zika Virus: Update on a New Teratogen 1.0 CNE Contact Hours


In 2016, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) joined the global health community to rapidly address the many emerging public health needs on the front lines against Zika. To respond effectively, new public health surveillance and infection control tools were developed that will reduce the effect of Zika virus infection on children and families and will provide a foundation for continued efforts to fight the disease. This video will provide an overview of the current knowledge of Zika virus and pregnant women, the clinical presentation and management of Zika virus infection, the updated CDC guidance on Zika, and the public health surveillance systems are in place for Zika within the United States.

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This product is a streaming video. Access this product through "My Classroom" in "My Account". CNE is available upon completion of the post-test.

Author: Augustina Delaney, RN, CNM, PhD

Intended Audience: Zika Virus: Update on a New Teratogen is appropriate for all neonatal nurses.

CNE Expiration Date: January 2021

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